Image Cropper

Image Cropping Tool

When you have some scanned image files which have 2 pages in a single file, and you want to divide the image into 2 pieces. With this tool, you can bisect those images and then save each of the cropped files.

Batch Process
Every images files in a specified folder can be processed within a single command.
Various Image Formats
JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, etc. Various image files are supported.
Based on Java
This tool is developed using Java. Therefore, it can be run on any OSes such as Windows, OS X, Linux
It's FREE!
You can use this tool free of charge. Users can support the development by a donation.


If a Java Rumtime is not installed on your system, please download and install it first.

This software can be run via a command prompt. Type a command like below.

			java -jar cropper.jar sourceFolder outputFolder

sourceFolder is a location of a folder. Every images files inside this folder will be processed.
outputFolder is a location of a folder. The processed image files will be saved to here.

For example,

java -jar cropper.jar "C:\My Documents\Scanned Files\" "D:\workspace\output\"

Also, user can specify a third parameter to specify an image format. If omitted, jpeg is used.

			java -jar cropper.jar sourceFolder outputFolder outputFormat

Output files will be names '_0', '_1' after the original file name, _0 for left and _1 for right.


You can support us to develop better software.


Executable Jar Package ( ver 1.0 / release 1 )

Image Cropper